The short answer is usually yes, earlobe repair should be covered by your medical insurance. You would only be responsible for your copay or deductible. However, you will want to discuss payment in advance with your cosmetic surgery practice so that you can determine if your insurance is accepted and if you need to have the procedure pre-approved for some reason.

While earlobe repair is often viewed as cosmetic in nature, health insurance will usually cover cosmetic procedures that are for repair purposes. For example, you may require reconstructive surgery after an accident. That is usually considered repair of damages rather than cosmetic. Since earlobe repair is often needed due to an injury or years of wear and tear, it makes sense that health insurance providers view this as a coverable procedure.

How Does Earlobe Repair Work?

Earlobe repair is not a high-risk surgery. In fact, it involves using a high-frequency knife to make precision cuts and rejoin the existing portions of the earlobe. When you Work with NY Face Place in Mineola, you get the advantage of Dr. Alex’s years of professional experience with cutting-edge equipment for earlobe repair. He can help you to determine the best way to repair your ear, depending on the existing damage.

This procedure is minimally invasive and can be performed with a local anesthetic. The sutures are only in for seven to ten days. You will receive some antibiotic ointment to reduce the risk of infection. In just six weeks, you will be all set to have your ear re-pierced by our esthetician if you wish to go back to wearing earrings.

In order to keep from tearing your earlobe again, we make the following recommendations:

  • Don’t wear heavy earrings for an extended period of time.

  • Be careful when wearing dangling earrings around babies and small children.

  • Remove your earrings before changing a top that has to be pulled over your head.

  • Don’t wear your earrings while on the telephone or when going to the hair salon.

By following these few guidelines, you can avoid most of the situations that lead to earlobe damage.

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