Chemical Peels

Obagi Blue Peel (Deep Level)

chem_peels_lg_02The Obagi Blue Peel is our first choice for treating sun damage, skin elasticity, and discoloration. As well as being a cosmetic procedure, this peel is good for your health due to the removal of the superficial damaged skin. Results are usually incredible because this peel will eliminate most of the sun and age spots people acquire over their lifetime. The downtime for this procedure is a full week. Patients experience a week of peeling and redness. It is only uncomfortable during application therefore patients need to be sedated. This peel literally turns back time.

Jessner Peel (Medium Level)

This peel evenly exfoliates the skin and encourages faster cellular turnover. The Jessner Peel smoothes and rejuvenates the skin and produces great results in patients with discoloration, moderate wrinkling and sun damage. This chemical peel is also excellent for controlling breakouts and creating an even skin tone. Visible clarity is restored to your skin.

MD Peel (Superficial Level)

chem_peels_lg_01This peel is from the MD skin care line and is great for maintaining a constant glow. It uses a calibrated blend of alpha and beta hydroxyl acids to maximize results while minimizing skin irritation. Formulated to ward off breakouts, reduce the appearance of pores, balance skin tone and diminishes lines – this treatment is ideal of all skin types. It is very popular amongst our patients and staff.

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