Mole Removal

Mole removal is a fast and easy surgical procedure for the removal of a mole, whether it be raised or flat.

Why should I have a mole removed?

The purpose of mole removal surgery ranges from cosmetic purposes to prevention of the development of malignant melanoma. Others have moles removed because they are in a location that causes irritation when rubbed by jewelry or clothing. This too can lead to precancerous changes in the mole.

How does Dr. Alex remove moles?

Small moles are removed in the office with a quick and simple excision. Local anesthesia is used to numb the area around the mole. Any scar due to the excision is usually very thin and barely visible. 

What causes moles to form?

The conditions under which moles form can vary. Some people are born with moles, while for others they may seen them gradually appear over time. Extensive exposure to sun over time can also play a part in the formation of moles

How long does the mole removal procedure take?

While the time can vary based upon the number and size of the moles to be removed, it is not uncommon for the procedure to take less than an hour.

Check out the real NY Face Place patient images below to see the results of mole removal.

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