Chin Implants/Chin advancement (Genioplasty)

Chin implants can ensure your chin is proportionately balanced with your other facial features.

girl-2204622_640The chin is important to the overall balance of the face. A large or small chin may create a proportional imbalance with other facial features such as the neck, lips, nose and forehead. A chin that is too large in dimension can be reduced, and the chin that is too small can be augmented. These chin surgical procedures are often done in concert with other cosmetic procedures or can be performed alone. It is most common for a patient to seek a chin augmentation. This is accomplished by placing an artificial implant, or advancing the chinbone. The type of procedure depends on the degree of chin recession and the patient’s individual goals.

Your Chin Augmentation Consultation

Our philosophy at NY FACE PLACE is to create a balanced aesthetic look. Usually this is best achieved with a chin augmentation (genioplasty) rather than a chin implant. The elected surgery is always tailored to suit the patient best.

Your Chin Augmentation Procedure

If the patient needs an artificial implant for a minor deficiency, a pocket is created by making an incision in the mouth or chin skin. An appropriately sized implant is placed. Major chin deficiency will require bone surgery (osteotomy) in which the bone of the chin is moved forward. The procedure is performed through a mouth incision made behind the lower lip.

“My face is so out of proportion. My tiny chin just makes my forehead look even bigger than it is.”

A common concern of our patients regarding chin augmentation… “I wish there was a way to balance out my strong features. Having such a small chin makes my forehead, nose, lips, and neck seem more pronounced. I’m so self-conscious, I’m always wearing large scarves that cover my chin. I wish there was a way have my chin match the rest of my facial features.”

If this is how you feel, you’re not alone. Many patients come to NY Face Place so Dr. Alex can perform a chin augmentation procedure. By either advancing the chinbone or by inserting an implant, the chin can be augmented to meet your personal beauty needs and goals. This has helped many of our patients to attain a balanced and aesthetically pleasing look. Recovery involves wearing a chin dressing and sticking to soft foods for 2-3 weeks. The lower lip will swell and be discolored and numb during this time and possibly a little longer. However, you’ll be ready to show off your newly balanced proportions before you know it!

Your Chin Augmentation Recovery

Following surgery, patients must wear a chin dressing and eat soft foods for 2-3 weeks. Patients will experience a brief period of lower-lip discoloration and swelling.

Patients must follow a soft diet for 2-3 weeks. In addition, the lower-lip swelling, discoloration, and altered lip sensation may last longer than previously described.

For chin reductions, an incision is made behind the lower lip. Then using power bone instruments, a bone reduction (genioplasty) is done. Following surgery, patients must wear a chin dressing and eat soft foods for two to three weeks. Patients will experience a brief period of lower-lip swelling, discoloration, and numbness.

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