Westbury Facial Cosmetic Surgery and Med Spa

NY Face Place is proud to offer the facial cosmetic surgery and med spa services Westbury residents want in a convenient location. If you’ve been searching for the right place to help you reach your health and beauty goals, look no further. We have a friendly staff and offer flexible payment options to maximize your experience.

Dr. Alex is a board-certified oral and maxillofacial surgeon and performs a full range of cosmetic and reconstructive surgeries. From facial plastic surgery to Botox and chemical peels to facials, you can have all of your cosmetic surgery and med spa needs met in one convenient location. Contact us today and schedule an appointment to see the NY Face Place difference first hand!

“I’m impressed with how much time Dr. Alex is willing to spend explaining his procedures in detail. He always makes me feel comfortable. I wish every doctor was like that.”

We hear you, Mary. We really are proud to have a compassionate professional at the helm here at NY Face Place, and Westbury residents should expect nothing less when searching for a practice to receive facial cosmetic surgery and medispa treatments.

Find out why our Westbury patients make comments like, “Dr. Alex took care for me every step of the way!” If you are searching for facial cosmetic surgery and medispa treatments in the Westbury area, but you don’t want to be treated like just another face in the crowd, come to NY Face Place. Here, your face is our specialty!

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