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July Specials

Get your skin ready for the summer!

Back Facial

*Get Beach Ready*

Back facials can be beneficial in cleansing those tough-to-reach spots, targeting a variety of skin care needs such as clogged pores, back acne and dehydrated skin. Back facials are particularly fitting treatments during bathing suit season.
A great treatment for both men and women!
Special Price: $100 (Regular Price $175).

European Facial with an Add-on of an Ampule of Pure Vitamin C or Collagen 

Enjoy a wonderful European facial supplemented by an ampule of pure Vitamin C to brighten, tighten and hydrate your skin or an ampule of pure Collagen to increase your skin’s firmness and elasticity.
Special Price: $85 (Regular Price $125).

Dermaplaning Treatment with Enzyme Peel 

This treatment will provide deep exfoliation and a healthier, more radiant appearance. Dermaplaning is a manual exfoliation technique that removes surface debris with a custom dermaplaning blade. It increases the absorption of topical products and immediately diminishes the appearance of finelines and wrinkles.
 Special Price $100 (Regular Price: $195) 


Microdermabrasion Treatment

Microdermabrasion is one of the easiest, safest and most effective anti-aging treatments you can get. It literally removes that “barrier” of dead skin that makes skin look dull. It will soften lines and wrinkles, decrease scars, pore size and age spots. Microdermabrasion also makes it easier for serums and skin care products to penetrate into the deep layers of the skin. Collagen production is boosted, giving the skin plump and youthful appearance.
 Special Price $75 (Regular Price: $150) 

 50% Off Laser Hair Removal 

Take 50% off any session of laser hair removal.

Our new machine is the Gold Standard in the laser hair removal industry! Laser hair removal is a safe and effective method of permanently reducing unwanted hair quickly and easily, with long term results.
Now is the time to start getting your body ready for the summer season!

Microneedling with the Rejuvapen!

Microneedling is a minimally invasive technique that boosts your skin’s production of collagen and elastin, two of the most important substances in maintaining plump, youthful, glowing skin.


Rejuvapen uses tiny needles that are precisely placed to make invisible perforations in the topmost layer of the skin. These micro-perforations trigger the body’s natural healing abilities. Blood flows toward the tiny invisible puncture marks, stimulates elastin and collagen production, and promotes the natural rejuvenation of your skin.


  $400 per session (60 mins)
Special Package Deals: 
Buy a package of 4 sessions for $1,400 ($350 each)
Buy a package of 6 sessions for $1,800 ($300 each)

Product Special

20% Off All Skincare Products



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