Neck Lift

Necklifts improve appearances by restoring a well-defined neck silhouette.

neck_lg_02In a female, a well-defined neck silhouette is a sign of youthfulness and beauty. As one ages, a combination of loose, hanging skin and the accumulation of fat under the chin contribute to the loss of the well-defined neck you once had. While advanced changes in the neck, like those of a “turkey wattle”, are usually corrected by a facelift, early changes in the neck can often be addressed in a more limited procedure, a neck lift.

A neck lift can redefine that beautiful neck line you once had by eliminating any excessive fat under the chin, tightening and resuspending that lax muscles of the neck, and, finally, removing the lax skin.

neck liftneck lift
neck liftneck lift

“Oh, how I long for the days when I had a youthful profile! Thanks to this sagging neck, I try to keep people directly in front of me at all times.”

A common concern of our patients regarding a neck lift… “I feel like the only thing other people can think of when they look at me is the sound a turkey makes. I’m so self-conscious about my neck, sometimes I wear high collars and scarves even when the weather is far too warm for it.

Especially for women, a well-defined neckline is a symbol of youthfulness and attractiveness. Now you can have that well-defined profile restored thanks to NY Face Place. By removing fat from under the chin, tightening the soft tissue of the neck, and removing excess skin, Dr. Alex can take years off of your appearance. A neck lift can be a great way to put off a more extensive procedure like a facelift.

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