People focus on your browlines and eyes, and a browlift can make them look their best.

eyes-945248_640The browlift is a procedure designed to elevate the brow to a more youthful position relative to the eyelids. Since most people focus on the area of the eyes when talking to you, it can by itself, make your whole face appear younger. Since the advent of newer minimally invasive techniques for browlift, it has become much more common in young as well as older patients.

Your Browlift Consultation

When you meet with the doctor at NY FACE PLACE, he will determine if you are a candidate for a brow lift. Generally, a brow lift is recommended when the postion of the eyebrows have dropped due to aging and gravity. If there is excess skin and/or bulging of the upper eyelid then a combination browlift/blepharoplasty will be recommended or a blepharoplasty alone.

A minimally invasive browlift works by weakening the muscles that work to pull down or crease together the brows. The muscles that elevate the brow remain fully active. As a result, the brow is elevated, the ‘worry lines’ and forehead wrinkles are vastly improved.

“There’s hardly any space between my eyebrows and lids anymore. I’m tempted to pluck them and draw them in where they are supposed to be.”

A common concern of our patients regarding a browlift… “The first thing people do in conversation is make eye contact. I’m so self-conscious over how low my eyebrows sag that I feel that’s the only thing anyone sees when we’re talking. Do people even listen to what I’m saying anymore?”

The good news is that a browlift is minimally invasive and can help restore the youthful look of higher brows. Not only does the procedure lift the brows but it can help decrease forehead wrinkles and worry lines caused by the muscles that pull the brows lower. Any mild bruising or discomfort is gone within a few days, and you can be back to work in a week. Combine this procedure with eyelid surgery for even more dramatic results.

Your Browlift Procedure

In order to get to the muscles which need lifting, several small (about 1 inch) incisions are made in the scalp. An endoscope is introduced through one of the small incisions and the operating instrument through the other. The brow muscles are surgically altered. The skin is closed after fixing it in position.

With the browlift procedure, there is no long scar, no cutting of skin, no ‘pulling back’ on the forehead skin, and no hair loss. The basis of the procedure is altering the balance between brow depressors and brow elevators.


For the first several days, expect some mild swelling and bruising of your forehead. The forehead may be numb for several weeks. Discomfort is generally mild and lasts for a few days. Most patients can go back to work in one week following the browlift surgery.

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