Laser Skin Resurfacing

See how laser skin resurfacing can improve sun-damaged skin, facial wrinkles and scars.

womens-2319019_640As one of the most exciting and innovative scientific achievements to date, laser technology is being utilized throughout the health care community. Dr. Meneshian uses one of the newest lasers, the ultrapulse carbon dioxide laser, to treat sun-damaged skin, facial wrinkles and scars in a procedure called laser skin resurfacing.

What is a Laser?

The word “laser” is an acronym, which stands for Light Amplification by the Stimulated Emission of Radiation. A surgical laser, such as the CO2 laser, is a beam of light capable of removing unwanted tissue, such as scarred, lined, wrinkled and otherwise imperfect skin. The laser vaporizes skin cells by emitting bursts of radiation that are absorbed by water in these cells. Laser light penetrates to a very precise, controlled depth, making the procedure safe and predictable, while reducing the risk of scarring or pigmentation problems. Laser skin resurfacing is bloodless, and is performed right here in our office under light sedation. As a result of this treatment, you are left with more youthful looking skin.


“All those years in the sun are finally catching up with me. I don’t even like the texture of my face anymore, let alone these fine lines that appear everywhere.”

A common concern of our patients regarding laser skin resurfacing… “I wish there was a fast and easy way to tighten the skin of my face a little. I hate the fine lines at the corners of my eyes and mouth. Between sun damage and acne scarring, I feel like my face doesn’t have a smooth spot on it anymore. I just want to be able to run my hands over my own face and feel a silky smoothness again.”
NY Face Place can help! Dr. Alex uses one of the newest lasers called an UltraPulse CO2 laser to blast away skin imperfections and resurface the skin. Depending on how deep the laser will have to go, the procedure is performed with either a topical anesthetic or with mild sedation. Complete recovery occurs in about a month. Fine lines and sun damage should be reduced, restoring some of that smooth and even skin texture you want to regain.

Your Laser Skin Resurfacing Consultation

laser_lg_01The laser is used to reduce tiny wrinkles, acne scars and other minor skin imperfections, especially around the mouth and eyes. It can improve sun-damaged and acne scarred skin problems that often cause concern to both men and women. All the different applications, as well as limitations of the laser will be discussed with the patient. One or more treatments may be necessary to achieve the desired result.

Your Laser Skin Resurfacing Procedure

The procedure is performed with either a topical anesthetic or with mild sedation depending on the depth of the procedure. Your face is cleansed and draped. Dr. Meneshian directs the laser beam toward your skin imperfections. The laser quickly and accurately vaporizes the outermost layers of skin just four or five cells in thickness.

Your Recovery

laser_lg_03Initial redness fades in a few weeks to a light pink, which can be camouflaged with cosmetics. The discoloration usually disappears in one month. The goal of laser resurfacing is to enhance facial appearance. Expectations by the patient must be realistic and results should be anticipated as improvements rather than total corrections. Results of the procedure depend on many factors such as the size, shape and location of the imperfection and the patient’s heredity, age and general skin condition.

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