Cosmetic Facial Treatments for Men

man-407084_640Cosmetic surgery has become much more popular among men in recent years. In New York City and Long Island today, there are many reasons men seek consultations with plastic surgeons. Many of our male patients have expressed the desire to rejuvenate their facial features so they could be more competitive at their workplaces. Other patients were frustrated and wanted treatments that can help to restore their youthful facial features. Finally, many men are unhappy with the shape of their noses, the prominence of their ears, or the “weakness” of their chins and wish to pursue facial sculpting to increase the attractiveness of their facial features.

Facial Rejuvenation & Facial Sculpting

Every facial rejuvenation and facial sculpting surgery available to women is also available to my male patients. When we perform facial surgery on a man, our goals are quite different, as men generally do not want their faces “feminized”. This means that we do not try to arch the brows or slim the nose too much, and discuss various options for treatment. Men tend to want straighter, stronger, more angular facial features than women do, and at theNY FACE PLACE, our techniques are tailored to accommodate these objectives.

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