If you are tired of shaving, plucking, and waxing unwanted hair, then laser hair removal may be the right option for you. What can you expect if you choose this option? We are going to consider what you need to do before your appointment, what to expect during the appointment, and the effects that you can expect to see afterward.

Preparing for Your Laser Hair Removal Appointment

Your doctor will get into the specifics with you during a consultation. However, here are a few things that you may need to do as preparation for your appointment.

  • Keep the area out of the sun – Anything that will darken your skin can affect the ability of the laser to remove the hair properly, so you don’t want to go tanning before your treatments. Use sunscreen, especially in areas you intend to have treatments performed.

  • Don’t wax or pluck the area for four weeks or more before your appointment.

  • Let your doctor know what medications you are on in case you need to change your routine prior to treatment.

What Should You Expect During the Procedure?

The laser instrument is a handheld device that is pressed against your skin where you want the hair removed. The laser shoots a beam directly into your hair follicles, damaging them below the surface layer of the skin. If you are only having a small area treated, the procedure may be done in a matter of minutes. However, for large areas, you may find that you are on the table for an hour or more.

Results and Aftereffects of Laser Hair Removal

In the hours after a treatment, you may find that the region is red or swollen. You can use ice to get rid of any mild discomfort that you may feel. If the doctor prescribes a cream for the area, be sure to use it. Also, remember that laser hair removal is not a one-and-done process. You may need up to six treatments to get the best results depending on your skin and hair types. Don’t expose the area to sunlight between treatments. Use sunscreen on the treated area, and definitely do not use a tanning bed.

State-of-the-Art Laser Hair Removal on Long Island

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