Mature skin doesn’t have to look its age. We’re about to give you the three big secrets to dramatically improve the appearance of mature skin. These are some quick and easy anti-aging tips that anyone can apply.

#1 Avoid Using Soap or Water-Based Cleansers on Your Face

Soap can actually increase the number of visible wrinkles on your face because it strips the skin of its natural oils and causes damage to the outermost layer of the skin. What can you replace your soap with in order to preserve the natural oils of your skin and protect the top layers? An oil-based cleanser is an affordable option that will immediately improve your results. For an even better cleanser, try to find something that is a combination of being both oil-based and foaming.

#2 Don’t Rub – Always Pat Dry with a Clean Towel

When you cleanse your skin properly, you release all of the impurities and toxins. These are now at the surface. So if you rub your skin with a towel after cleansing, you risk rubbing those same impurities and toxins right back into the pores you worked so hard to clean. This may result in the production of free radicals which take away the skin’s elasticity and actually contribute to wrinkles and fine lines.

Therefore, it is vital to pat your skin dry after cleansing rather than rubbing. This will remove the toxins and leave your skin fresh and clean. Remember too that the cleanliness of the towel is important to avoid transferring impurities to your pores, so always grab a fresh, clean towel after cleansing your skin.

#3 Start with the Inside, Not the Outside

Sagging skin and wrinkles form when the inner skin (called the dermis) loses its firmness. As a result, you need to do more than just clean the outer layers of your skin in order to fight against the aging process. Consider using a serum that will penetrate the outer layers of the skin and heal the inner layer first. Once structural integrity has been restored, you will see better results from your daily cleansing regimen.

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