To understand the answer to this question, you need to know what microneedling is, what it is used for, and alternative treatments that could be better in other situations. Let’s start with a contrast between microneedling and microdermabrasion.

  • Microdermabrasion – This is a gentle way to exfoliate the outer layer of the epidermis (skin) so as to remove dead cells. The skin is basically buffed with a handpiece that uses microcrystals to polish the outermost layer of the skin. It’s perfect for someone with sensitive skin, who is looking for a fresher complexion but who cannot handle a rougher treatment.

  • Microneedling – This takes things to the next level. Cosmetic needles are used to puncture the upper layers of the skin. That results in an increase in the production of collagen to repair the damage. Since the treatment goes deeper, the effectiveness is also enhanced. As a result, microneedingling can help everything from acne scarring to uneven skin tones to fine lines and wrinkles. You get a much greater antiaging effect.

So back to our original question: When do we recommend a microneedling treatment?

Who Will Benefits Most from Microneedling

There are two main factors to consider when recommending a treatment like microneedling. First of all, what results does the client want to achieve? Second, does the client’s skin type allow for the intensity of the treatment? If you are looking for a powerful antiaging effect or to remove acne scarring, microneedling will be far more effective than microdermabrasion and other less intensive treatments. However, if you have sensitive skin, you may need to stick with something that is gentler so that the aftereffects don’t outweigh the benefits.

If you are unsure of what treatment is best for you, you can discuss your options with an esthetician who can help you to weigh the benefits or any disadvantages between one treatment and another. Discussing your goals and skin type will help you to make an informed decision that will produce the optimal results with minimal recovery time.

Microneedling Treatments on Long Island

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