Are you excited about the warmer spring weather and everything that comes along with it? The promise of longer sun-filled days and blooming flowers is enough to make most people smile. It’s also a great time of year to prepare your skin and refresh your beauty routine. Here are three ways to welcome spring with beautiful, glowing skin.

  1. Spring Cleaning – No, your skin won’t get clear simply by cleaning your house, but you can give your skin a boost by going through all your old skin creams, lotions, and skin care tools. Wash all of your skin care tools in a gentle cleanser and then lay them out flat to dry. This will get rid of any germs that could actually hurt your skin while you are trying to make it more beautiful. And be sure to get rid of old creams and cleansers, especially if they don’t moisturize your skin properly.

  2. Buff Away Winter Skin – Another winter in the books means lots of dead skin and clogged pores. You can buff the effects of wintertime away with a microdermabrasion treatment or a facial tailored to your skin type.

  3. Replace Skin Products – With the warmer and dryer summer air looming just after spring, now is the time to think about the moisturizer you’ve been using. You want something that is lightweight, but it still needs to be jampacked with antioxidants and other nourishing ingredients.

Out with Winter Skin, In with Spring Skin

Remember to stay hydrated to enjoy your full skin potential. That means drinking plenty of water to give your skin the moisture it needs and to flush out toxins on a regular basis. Your skin will thank you by producing a natural glow you’ll be proud to show off in the warmer weather.

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