At NY Face Place, we offer skincare treatments and products to help oily skin. There are a few things to address. First, you can’t just leave your skin oily because it can lead to breakouts as well as embarrassing glare when the light hits those oils the wrong way. However, you can’t just dry your skin out completely because you need moist skin to prevent the effects of aging. Here are some ways to strike the right balance.

  • Acneic Skin Treatment – This facial was designed for oily and acneic skin types. It is also good for those who are sensitive to other products.

  • Detoxifying Masque – This is one of the most important parts of an acneic facial treatment. We can also help you to find the right skin masque for you to keep up a good routine at home in between facial treatments.

  • Corrective and Protective Skin Care Products – Again, you will get this type of treatment as a part of your acneic facial. However, you will also want to keep up a good skincare routine between treatments. That’s why we offer two elite lines of skincare products. We have our own private label of skincare products as well as Skinceuticals.

An Essential Tip If You Have Oily Skin

Dermatologists say that touching your face throughout the day is terrible if you have oily skin. All that does is spread dirt and oil from your hands onto your face and makes matters worse. Plus, during a global pandemic, epidemiologists remind us that touching our face can spread disease. So not touching your face is a win-win. Besides getting a facial treatment at NY Face Place and using some of our quality skincare products, this is another great tip to apply.

Facial Treatments to Meet Your Needs on Long Island

NY Face Place in Mineola is proud to offer the solution to your oily skin problem. Schedule a treatment today and let us help you choose the best skincare products for your skin type. Your daily routine combined with our detoxifying treatments is just what you need to get the appearance of your dreams.