Q: Is there really a difference in female skin compared to male skin?

Florence: Yes, definitely!

Q: What are the differences?

Florence: Due largely to the hormones produced by men, their skin tends to be about 20% thicker and typically possesses more collagen.

Q: How does this difference affect female skin?

Florence: As both sexes age collagen loss is proportionate, but unfortunately the impact is greater on women due to their initial lower ratio of collagen. Ladies, don’t despair! Because men have a tougher texture to their skin, as they age and lose fat they may be prone to deeper wrinkles than those of women.

Q: How does this difference affect male skim?

Florence: The same male hormone, testosterone, that produces more collagen also produces more sebum (oil). This naturally lubricates their skin, thus allowing men to skip the moisturizer! Regrettably, the negative outcome is that this large production of oil may also be responsible for stubborn acne breakouts that may be difficult to eradicate, especially during the male puberty years.

Q: How can we protect our skin?

Florence: Regardless of the differences in male/female skin, a preventative measure we can all take to keep our skin healthy and minimize the damaging effects from the sun such as sunspots, fine lines and certain skin cancers, is sunscreen.

Q: Summer is almost over. Can I stop wearing sunscreen?

Florence: As summer winds down many of us think we can forgo our daily sunscreen regimen. This is simply not true. Although the sun does not feel as strong during the fall and winter months as in the summer, UV rays are still harmful regardless of the temperature.

Q: If I should wear sunscreen everyday, how can I find the right one?

Florence: A great remedy is to choose a moisturizer that has broad spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30, that is lightweight and can be applied every day.