Are you tired of seeing noticeable pores and blackheads when you look in the mirror? We would like to take a moment to address a common question that we are asked by our med-spa clients: “Are chemical peels good for my pores and for treating blackheads?” The short answer is yes, but we will take a few moments to explain why.

Chemical Peels – The Next Step Up from Microdermabrasion

The one service patients enjoy for minimizing the appearance of enlarged pores and treating blackheads is microdermabrasion. Basically, tiny crystals are delivered and suctioned through a delicate handpiece, and this polishes the outer skin. It is often combined with a facial or a light masque to exfoliate the outer dermis.

Chemical peels take things a step further. You get a deeper level of exfoliation and, therefore, the body goes to work even faster, making collagen to heal the skin. This cleans out the pores and can help them to appear small (the pores don’t actually shrink, but they look smaller without all that gunk in them). It can also remove stubborn blackheads that survive ordinary exfoliation treatments. Besides these benefits, you may also see additional improvements in fine lines as well as sun damage.

A Word of Caution Regarding Chemical Peels and Dark Skin Tones

If you have a darker complexion, you need to be careful to have your chemical peels performed by a professional who knows what he or she is doing. The wrong type of peel on certain skin tones can actually result in discoloration. That’s why we encourage you to come to NY Face Place, the med-spa that Long Island residents can trust, regardless of race or ethnicity. Our qualified professionals know how to treat all skin types and ethnicities.

Clean Pores and Remove Blackheads with Chemical Peels on Long Island

If you live in or around the Mineola area, NY Face Place is the facial cosmetic surgery and med-spa that can meet your health and beauty needs. To learn more about the various types and degrees of chemical peels that we offer, schedule a consultation by calling 516.294.9454 today. Whether you just require a superficial chemical peel (which is perfect for all skin types) or you require a deep exfoliation peel (usually recommended for sun damage), we have the treatment options you need to look and feel your best!