Keeping your skin healthy in the winter can be tough. Your face and hands may often be exposed to severe cold when you are outside or tons of dry heat in your house as you try to keep the temperature regulated. How can you properly care for your skin when it is exposed to the winter elements? Here are a few tips:

  • Use a humidifier in your house – This can counteract the heating and help you to maintain some moisture in the air.

  • Have a winter skincare routine – During the winter, put the astringents away and reach for cream-based cleansers.

  • Moisturize in the morning and evening – You may want to apply cream after each time you wash your hands as well.

  • Don’t forget the sunscreen – The sky may look gray, but the last thing you want is the sun drying out your skin even more.

  • Stay hydrated – You may not feel thirsty as often in the winter, but you need those fluids more than ever.

  • Keep showers/baths warm instead of hot – You may be tempted to soak in an ultra-hot bath for longer when it is cold outside, but warm water and shorter showers should be the norm in winter.

  • Turn down the temperature a little – If the heat isn’t running as much, that will help you to avoid drying out the air. Plus, it will save you a little on your heating bill. Room temperature is comfortable between 68 and 72 degrees. Keeping it warmer than that is just damaging your skin.

  • Hire a pro – Now is the time to have someone help you choose moisturizing treatments and skincare products. The right peels, masques, creams, and other treatments can turn dry winter skin into radiant, invigorated skin. NY Face Place can help!

All the Right Treatments and Skincare Products for Winter

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