We all want to put off signs of aging as long as possible. As modern techniques continue to advance, the ability to do this becomes less invasive and disruptive to daily life. While a facelift surgery is a must to reach the beauty goals of some, a neck lift surgery is a less invasive way to meet the wants of others. How can you know which one is right for you?

Today we will discuss the difference between facelift and neck lift procedures. Then we will provide you with a few tips for determining which is right for you.

What Is the Difference Between a Facelift and a Neck Lift Procedure?

The procedure for facelift surgery can vary slightly from person to person, depending on the degree of the changes someone wants to see. However, the technique is relatively similar in all of them. The incisions are usually made in front of each ear. From here, the surgeon will pull the skin upward and back. This reduces excess skin in the cheeks and jaw. It makes the lower face appear younger.

A neck lift focuses on the skin of the neck and jawline. The incisions are made either behind the jawline or ears. This allows the incisions to be less noticeable and results in faster recovery times. It reduces the appearance of excess skin and fat from the neck area.

How Should You Decide Between a Face Lift and a Neck Lift?

There are a few ways to determine which procedure is right for you.

  • Extent of correction needed – If you only want to make corrections in the neck area or right around the jawline, a neck lift procedure is probably preferable. If you are looking for improvements in your cheeks, a facelift is likely necessary.

  • Check a mirror – Pull your skin up and back at the top of your jaw near your ears. If this shows the improvements you want to make, then a facelift can produce the right adjustments. If you can pull back and up from below the jawline and see the improvement you desire, then you may be able to go with a neck lift.

  • Schedule a consultation with a professional surgeon who can help you to make an informed decision. Long Island and New York City residents can call NY Face Place in Mineola at 516.294.9454 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Alex.