One of the first places to show the signs of aging is the décolletage region. This includes the upper chest area. The neck is another problematic spot for early wrinkles. Wrinkles begin to occur in this area first because the skin is very thin. It is also an area that takes a lot of sun damage earlier in life because we rarely cover the neck or upper chest when at the beach or in the summertime in general.

Proper Décolletage Skin Care Tips

How can you properly care for your décolletage and put off these early signs of aging? Here are a few tips.

  • Use sunscreen with a high SPF – Yes, you probably want a nice tan on your neck and upper chest, but skipping sunscreen in this delicate region of the skin is not the way to do it. When your décolletage is exposed, it should be protected with SPF.

  • Sleep on your back – Sleeping on your side can result in hunching your shoulders and scrunching up your chest. Doing this for eight hours per night can speed up the formation of chest and neck wrinkles.

  • Cleanse and exfoliate your chest and neck – Clogged pores in this region can also speed up the aging process. Treat your neck and upper chest the same way you do your face. Cleanse and exfoliate the area regularly.

  • Use hypoallergenic cleansers – This region of the skin has a high histamine response. Therefore, you want to be careful about exposing yourself to fragrances and other additives.

  • Shop for specific products – The skincare industry realizes that the décolletage has its own unique needs. Therefore, you can find neck and chest specific skincare products. If you are serious about keeping this area from showing the first indicators of aging, you may want to start investing in these products early on.

  • Stay hydrated – Obviously, your skincare products will often focus on helping your body to retain moisture. However, you also have to contribute by drinking enough water to keep your skin adequately hydrated. You may even want to get a hydration app that reminds you when it is time to have your next glass of H2O.

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