Whether your earlobes are stretched, damaged, or completely torn through, earlobe repair surgery offers you the hope of regaining a natural ear appearance! The main way that earlobe tears and other damage occur is through piercings. Whether you wear heavy earrings for years, get an earring caught on a piece of clothing, or have a child pull on an earring, the injury can occur either gradually or all at once. Either way, there is an earlobe surgery option for you, thanks to a specialized surgical tool called an Ellman radiofrequency knife.

How Torn Earlobes Are Repaired

An Ellman radiofrequency knife allows the surgeon to make precision cuts without causing bleeding. The frequency helps the knife to cauterize the cuts even as they are being made. It also allows the surgeon to create a very straight edge. This is necessary when it comes to repairing a torn earlobe because you need flat edges to heal to one another so that the end appearance is natural and the earlobe is strong and holds together as it should.

Because this is such a safe procedure, only local anesthesia is needed. The edges are freshened up using the precision knife. Then they are stitched together. Sutures are removed after only ten days. Six weeks following your procedure, you can have your ears pierced again and go back to wearing earrings as usual. So do not despair if years of wearing earrings or an injury have left you with torn earlobes. They can be repaired!

Premier Earlobe Repair Surgery on Long Island

NY Face Place in Mineola NY makes use of modern advances in surgical technology to ensure that anyone can have their earlobes repaired, regardless of the reason or the extent of the damage. Dr. Alex is proficient at this safe and quick repair procedure, so you can have confidence in your rapid recovery and improved earlobe appearance.

To learn more, contact NY Face Place today at 516.294.9454. Schedule a consultation to learn how earlobe surgery can help repair your torn or stretched earlobes. We look forward to helping you reach your aesthetic beauty goals.