Dermaplaning is a simple procedure that is used to provide a smoother appearance to the skin. It involves using a single blade to resurface the skin. In the process, the top layer is removed, and any existing dead skin along with it. Think of it as the ultimate exfoliating treatment.

That having been said, please don’t try this at home. When a professional performs a dermaplaning treatment, it is safe. Don’t do this to yourself or anyone else unless you are a trained professional. This is not like a guy shaving in the morning, where the razor is designed to stay off the skin and just get the hair. Removing the top layer of your skin is not a DIY treatment.

How does dermaplaning work, and what results can you expect?

How Does Dermaplaning Work?

Dermaplaning takes a similar approach to shaving, but with one significant difference. The blade that is being run along the surface of the skin is not a razor. It is more like a scalpel. As a result, it actually removes skin cells. Once the top layer of the skin is removed, the layer beneath becomes visible. Since that layer is newer and has not been exposed to wear, the resulting appearance is smoother and fresher.

Thus, this procedure should always be performed by either a trained esthetician, a plastic surgeon, or a dermatologist. Since skin cells regrow rather quickly, you can have this procedure performed every few weeks to get remove vellus hair which is the peach fuzz on the face and get rid of dead skin and, revealing a fresh new layer.

Is a Dermaplaning Skin Treatment for You?

That depends. While results can vary from person to person, the majority of clients agree that their skin appears to have a youthful glow following a treatment. It can also help to reduce the appearance of sun damage, acne scarring, and even wrinkles or fine lines. Finally, the treatment also removes small hairs that may be barely visible but that can still hold onto oil and debris, leading to skin irritation or acne.

Professional Dermaplaning on Long Island

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