KYBELLA® is a non-surgical injection that is offered as a double chin treatment option. The active ingredient in the injection helps improve the contour of the face and neck without the need for invasive surgery. Thus, more and more people are choosing non-invasive treatments like this.

Along with a new therapy comes many questions. For example, many wonder how KYBELLA® works. The active ingredient is deoxycholic acid. This is used to disintegrate fat cells, which are then reabsorbed by the body. This leads to a fresh, contoured appearance. Another question that comes up is, how long does this double chin treatment last?

How Long Do the Results of This Non-Invasive Treatment Last?

We have great news! KYBELLA® is a permanent injection to get rid of a double chin. This is because the fat cells are completely dissolved by the treatment. The ability of those cells to accumulate fat and store it is eliminated. Therefore, once you reach your neck contour goals, you will not need to use KYBELLA® again.

Does This Mean that KYBELLA® Is a One-Time Treatment?

Unfortunately, you will need more than one treatment session to reach your goals. Most people notice the benefits at some point between two and four injections. However, you can take up to six treatments, depending on your needs and goals. Dr. Alex can work out an estimate with you as to how many treatments you may require, but you will have to wait to see the results to know for sure.

Treatments must be spaced a month apart, so while you are looking at anywhere from two to six months to receive your final results, at least this is a one-time process. It is still much less invasive and expensive than having surgery.

Choose NY Face Place on Long Island for Your Double Chin Treatment

At NY Face Place, we use injectables for double chin treatment because the results are permanent, there is no need for general anesthesia, there is a lower risk of infection than surgery, and there are fewer complications to this form of treatment. We look forward to helping you reach your health and beauty goals in a safe manner. Contact us today at 516.294.9454 to schedule an appointment, and don’t forget to ask about the safety precautions we are taking due to the ongoing pandemic.