Are you tired of seeing a double chin when you look in the mirror or see yourself in photographs? We’re going to discuss some of the treatment options for reducing a double chin and restoring a more youthful appearance.


This is the number one double chin treatment option when a double chin is due to excess fat. It is an injection that was FDA approved in 2015, and it can allow you to avoid more invasive procedures. No general anesthesia is required, there is a reduced risk of infection or complications, it can be performed in-office, and recovery time is just one to two days. The Kybella injection melts away the excess fat, thereby reducing a double chin safely and effectively.

Neck Liposuction

This is a far more invasive way to get rid of the excess fat. Neck liposuction has a higher risk of infection and other complications, and general anesthesia is required. The skin may appear bumpy or wavy if fat removal is uneven, you can experience temporary or long-term numbness if the facial nerve that runs along the jawline is affected, and there are several other rare but very serious complications. You will likely need a few days off from work, and full recovery can take a few weeks.

Neck Lift

If your double chin is caused by sagging skin that has lost its elasticity, a neck lift procedure may be the right option for you. The fat from under the chin is still removed, but the soft tissue of the neck is also tightened. This can eliminate the “turkey wattle” look that can occur as the skin loses its elasticity and begins to hang. A neck lift is more invasive than injectables and can have a two-week recovery time. However, it can be a more effective treatment option if you need a significant reduction in sagging skin and excess fat under the chin.

Treatment Options for Reducing a Double Chin on Long Island

At NY Face Place, we always start with the least invasive option that we believe will be successful for a patient. Therefore, Dr. Alex has a great deal of experience in helping patients melt chin fat away with Kybella. However, when a patient requires more extensive work to correct a double chin, Dr. Alex is also a talented neck lift surgeon. So regardless of your needs, NY Face Place has the treatment options for you. Call 516.294.9454 today to schedule a consultation.