Stretched or even torn earlobes are common injuries, particularly for those who like to wear earrings. How can earlobe repair surgery help you to restore a natural earlobe appearance? Can you ever wear earrings again after the surgery? What are some ways to avoid repeat damage? Here are a few things you should know about earlobe surgery.

#1 How Does It Work?

Dr. Alex uses an Ellman radiofrequency knife to freshen up the edges of the earlobe where the tear has taken place. These edges can then be sutured together, and the body will naturally heal your earlobe into a normal appearance. The surgery is minimally invasive and involves little to no bleeding. Recovery time is one to two weeks in total, with the sutures being removed in seven to ten days.

#2 Can I Ever Wear Earrings After Earlobe Repair Surgery?

Now to answer the question you have been waiting for, and happily, it is a positive answer. Yes, after about a six-week waiting period, you can have your ear re-pierced by our esthetician. You can restore a natural appearance to your earlobe and go right back to proudly displaying your favorite earrings!

#3 How to Prevent Repeat Damage

Now, you just want to be sure that you don’t end up right back where you started with torn or stretched earlobes. Here are a few suggestions to help preserve your repaired earlobe.

  • Don’t wear extremely heavy earrings – If your favorites are quite heavy, reserve them for special occasions rather than wearing them frequently.

  • Be careful when changing your clothes – One of the most common ways that an earlobe is torn is when a person is pulling a shirt over their head. The earrings can easily get caught in the fabric. Therefore, it is a good idea to remove your earrings first before changing a pullover top.

  • Be careful when holding babies or small children – Dangling or shiny earrings attract a baby’s attention. A child who doesn’t know any better is likely to grab hold and pull. So it may be a good idea to remove your earrings when you are going to be holding an infant or even a toddler.

Earlobe Repair Surgery on Long Island

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