Every season takes a toll on your skin in its own way, and the summer months are some of the harshest. How can you care for your skin properly and still enjoy spending more time outdoors in the nicer weather? Here are a few tips to help you maintain youthful, glowing skin this summer.

  • Hydrate – When it is hot outside, you are more likely to sweat out your body’s natural fluids. This is the case even more so with dry or extreme heat. Be sure to increase your water intake to compensate. Otherwise, your skin can end up drier than usual and more prone to damage from the sun.

  • Exfoliate – During the hot summer months, you need to remove the dead or flaky layers of skin at the surface. Exfoliating once a week can help. As an added bonus, your makeup will last better throughout the day after a good exfoliation session in the morning.

  • Apply SPF – The sun is the number one enemy of your skin during the summer. Be sure to apply sunscreen generously before heading out and throughout the day. Using a moisturizer that includes SPF in the morning will get your day started right.

  • Soothe burns – If you do end up with some overexposure to the sun, be sure to apply a soothing gel or lotion that helps reduce the inflammation and redness. Don’t forget that each burn increases your risk of skin cancer, so keep an eye on any changes to marks on the skin after a burn.

Seek Restorative Treatments for Sun Damaged Skin

Sun damage can lead to dry, flaky skin, sunspots, uneven tone, fine lines, and many other indicators of overexposure. NY Face Place offers several treatments you can use to reduce the appearance of sun damage.

  • Facial – While facials are not specifically designed to treat sun damage, they can hydrate the skin and firm it up, thereby reducing some of the signs of sun damage like dryness and flaking.

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