Whether you have cosmetic reasons or you are worried about the formation of cancer, mole removal is a common procedure that results in little to no downtime. However, you may be reluctant to have the procedure performed because you are worried about having to live with a scar. Are you concerned that you will be more upset with the scar than the mole? Let’s try and allay these anxieties with some facts.

Does Mole Removal Always Leave a Scar?

The truth is that there are a number of factors that will determine whether facial mole removal surgery leaves a scar and, if so, how noticeable of one. A couple of the primary factors are:

  • The size of the mole – The smaller the mole, the less risk there will be of scarring. Any scar that does occur with a small mole should be thin and would not be as easily visible as the mole. Even a larger mole may leave a thin scar, just over a larger area.

  • The elevation of the mole – If the mole is raised that makes it easier to remove. A mole that is flush to the skin will leave more of a scar. This is especially true if the mole is precancerous. The area around the mole needs to be punched out to ensure that cancer is completely eliminated.

As you can see, there is a likelihood of scarring after facial mole removal, but the good news is that it shouldn’t be very visible. In most cases, the scar would not be more visible than the mole was. This is especially true if you see a talented surgeon.

In the case of precancerous moles, the risk of leaving the mole is just too great to justify avoiding the surgery. It is more important to choose the right surgeon so that scarring is minimized by the skilled hands of the one performing the procedure.

Skilled Mole Removal Surgery in New York

At NY Face Place on Long Island, Dr. Alex uses his skills as a cosmetic surgeon along with modern procedures to minimize scarring when performing facial mole removal. That is why New Yorkers in Mineola and the surrounding areas trust NY Face Place when mole removal surgery is necessary.

Give us a call today at 516.294.9454 to get on the schedule. You will learn more at the consultation. Feel free to ask about your specific mole and the potential for scarring. Dr. Alex will take good care of you!