The short answer is yes, surgical mole removal is safe when performed properly by a surgeon. There is little to no risk involved when it comes to surgical mole removal other than cosmetically – a small scar may be left depending on the size, location, and type of mole being removed. Let’s take a closer look at surgical mole removal to ease your mind about this simple procedure even further.

What Is Involved in Mole Removal Surgery?

This is an outpatient procedure with minimal recovery time and little to no risk for the patient. In fact, many moles are removed for cosmetic purposes. However, there are occasions when you may choose to have a mole removed because it is in a location that gets constantly irritated by your clothing or jewelry or because you may have noticed pre-cancerous changes in the mole and want to take an extra precaution.

When a mole needs to be removed by excision, it is performed in the office using local anesthesia. Usually, there is little risk other than a thin scar that is barely visible. The smaller the mole, the less noticeable the scar will be.

Since the mole is basically punched out, you are unlikely to need any stitches. This reduces recovery time dramatically. A larger mole or one that needs to be removed with some surrounding tissue due to cancer risk may put a patient at an increased risk for infection at the site. Therefore, always follow the instructions of your surgeon for follow-up care.

Taking Care of Yourself After Surgical Mole Removal

Again, the process is rather simple. Therefore, there is little aftercare needed. However, your surgeon may make recommendations based on your particular situation, including keeping the area clean, covered, or moist to avoid the risk of a post-op infection.

For patients who choose NY Face Place for their surgical mole removal procedure, you get the added benefits of an ultra-modern facility and the steady hands of Dr. Alex. If you follow the instructions provided for the proper care of the area after surgery, you should have little to no risk of infection and only a slight scar.

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