The reasons for wanting to remove a mole can range from aesthetic purposes to something that has become precancerous. What is a mole? What are the safe and effective ways to have them removed? Is it possible to minimize scarring? Here is what you need to know.

What Is a Mole?

A mole occurs when a cluster of skin cells become pigmented. Moles can either be raised above the surface of the skin or be flat against it. While some moles may exist at birth, others crop up as we age. An existing mole may grow, or the borders may be poorly defined. It is important to watch this type of mole so that it does not form into malignant cancer.

Safe and Effective Treatment Options for Mole Removal

Surgical removal of moles is a common and safe procedure. If the mole is not extremely large, the removal may be performed in the office because you will only require local anesthesia. A simple excursion is performed. If the mole is larger, a more extensive procedure may be necessary. For moles that are flat against the skin, the procedure involves “punching out” the mole.

Minimizing Mole Excision Scars

One of the key elements to minimizing your mole excursion scars is to hire a good surgeon. When modern techniques are used by someone skilled, you can have the procedure performed quickly and with barely visible scarring. Of course, the size of the mole will be a factor in the size of the scar.

However, you don’t want to have a mole removed for aesthetic reasons and then be left with a scar that is even more displeasing. Even if you have to have the mole removed for health purposes due to it becoming precancerous, it is still a good idea to find an experienced surgeon who can remove the problem effectively and with minimal recovery time.

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