The short answer is yes, but only if the mole is an indicator of another issue. What are some of the underlying factors that could result in the recurrence of a mole? There are two primary reasons:

  • The mole was not removed completely – If even a few mole cells are left behind, the mole may return. This makes it important to find a careful mole removal surgeon who uses modern procedures.
  • There are cancer cells in the mole – If the mole was cancerous, it might begin to regrow. This is why it is important to watch the location where a mole was removed. If it begins to return, you should go back to the surgeon right away. It may be necessary to remove a sample for testing. 

Symptoms of Cancerous Skin Growths

What would indicate if a mole is cancerous? The acronym ABCD can help you remember what signs to look out for: 

  • Asymmetry – Cancerous moles are often asymmetrical, whereas common moles are likely to be a regular shape.
  • Border – If the border of the mole is irregular, this can also be an indicator of cancer. Common moles should have smooth edges.
  • Color – Multiple colors in one mole can be an indicator of cancer. You may see varying shades of brown, red, or even green in the mole. 
  • Diameter – If the mole diameter is over 6 mm, this is a warning indicator. 

If your mole fits any of these signs, your surgeon may send the removed mole off for a biopsy, even if you have never had skin cancer before. Again, it will be important to watch the area to see if any regrowth occurs.

Cosmetic or Medical Mole Removal Surgery on Long Island

A common mole should not return after being removed. Whether it is excised or shaved will be determined by the size and location of the mole. Either way, you should be left with no more than a small scar. Recovery times are not long when a common mole is removed.

If cancer is suspected, the surgeon will be careful to remove the surrounding area to prevent any cells from being left behind. The mole should be tested, and the area should be watched, as well as any other changes in moles you may notice in the future. 

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