If you are looking for earlobe repair on Long Island, you may have some questions about how surgery can help to repair torn earlobes. Since this is one of the specialties of Dr. Alex here at NY Face Place, we’d like to answer five of the most common questions we hear regarding this treatment.

#1 What Are the Most Common Causes of Torn Earlobes?

Torn earlobes may be caused over time by wearing heavy earrings for long hours. It is especially important never to allow children to wear earrings since their tiny ears are more prone to tearing. Also, the ears can be torn when earrings are caught and pulled while removing clothing, while using the telephone, or when tugged on by a baby.

#2 How Does Earlobe Repair Surgery Work?

Dr. Alex uses an advanced earlobe repair tool called an Ellman radiofrequency knife to prepare the edges of the split earlobe. Then sutures are used to complete the repairs. These are generally removed within seven to 10 days. An antibiotic ointment is applied to guard against infection.

#3 Can I Ever Have My Ear Pierced Again?

Of course! Our talented Esthetician can pierce your ears about six weeks after the surgery. This allows time for all of the healing to take place so that your newly restored earlobe is strong enough to support wearing earrings again.

#4 How Long Should I Set Aside for the Procedure and Recovery?

This is a minimally invasive procedure, so it takes place in our office in just 20 to 30 minutes per earlobe. So you should be done in about an hour even if both lobes need to be repaired. The procedure begins with a strong topical cream followed by a local anesthetic about five minutes later. The sutures are removed in one to one and a half weeks, and you should be ready for fresh piercings in six weeks.

#5 Are There Any Risks or Complications Regarding Earlobe Repair Treatment

Thanks to Dr. Alex’s experience and skill, earlobe repair complications are rare. The most frequently encountered complication is a depressed linear scar or inferior notching of the lobe. Again, this is very rare. Even if such a complication arises, Dr. Alex can correct it using a CO2 laser, another of the advanced technical tools we utilize at NY Face Place.

Your Home for Earlobe Repair on Long Island

The combination of an experienced surgeon and the state-of-the-art equipment makes NY Face Place your home for earlobe repair on Long Island. If you are dealing with torn earlobes, call 516.294.9495 today to schedule a consultation.