A mole forms when skin cells become heavily pigmented. They may rise above the skin or be flat with the skin’s surface. Whether you have had a mole since birth or it formed later on, you can have the blemish removed. What are a few reasons people have moles removed?

  • Cosmetic – You see the mole as a blemish that takes away from your natural beauty
  • Irritation – Your skin rubs against the mole and you just can’t take it anymore
  • Health – You have noticed precancerous changes in the mole and want to remove it before cancer continues to form

Regardless of your reason for mole removal, we recognize that people have concerns about surgical procedures, so we will address these now. Is mole removal safe, effective, and permanent?

Safe Mole Removal

Mole removal has few risks, especially if the mole is small. At most a patient may be left with a barely visible, extremely thin scar. Dr. Alex is a talented surgeon. Thus, there is no need to be concerned that the scar left behind from the surgery will be more displeasing than the mole itself. You don’t even need general anesthesia. Only a local anesthetic is administered.  

Effective Mole Removal

Thanks to the modern technology, moles are not only safe to remove but also simple. Our effective mole removal service can eliminate moles of any shape or size. Plus, it is performed right here in the office. Regardless of the reason you want to be rid of the mole, its location, or its size, mole excision is an effective solution.

Permanent Mole Removal

Whether or not mole removal is permanent may be due to the type of mole removal procedure performed. Both mole removal surgeries and laser removal can result in permanent removal of a mole.
Laser removal may, on occasion, require more than one visit. Mole excision is performed using a local anesthetic only. It removes the mole permanently and leaves a barely noticeable scar.

NY Face Place for Safe, Effective, and Permanent Mole Removal on Long Island

If you are looking for safe, effective, and permanent removal of moles for cosmetic purposes, to relieve irritation, or for your health, NY Face Place can provide the treatment you want and need. Dr. Alex is experienced and skilled at mole removal, and we use the latest technologies to ensure that you receive the best results. Contact our office today at 516.294.9495 to learn more or to schedule a consultation.