While relatively few moles pose any real danger, many people view them as unseemly and wish to be rid of them. Facial moles can be particularly noticeable. Whether you need to have a mole removed for medical reasons or you wish to have it removed for cosmetic ones, you should understand the facial mole removal surgical procedure as well as the aftercare that is needed during recovery.

Facial Mole Removal Surgery 

Facial mole removal surgery varies in invasiveness based on the size and type of mole. Here are three types of facial mole removal surgery from most to least invasive.

    -Excision surgery – If the mole is very large or is completely flat against the skin, this may be your only removal option. It is also important to have the mole removed in this manner if it is a malignant form of cancer. This will provide the best chance to keep cancer from spreading. The entire mole and the area around it are excised or cut away. Stitches are used to repair the wound that is left remaining.
    -Punch biopsy – For smaller moles that will need to be sent away for testing, a punch biopsy presents you with a middle-ground that is not too invasive while still acquiring the full mole. Basically, a device is used to punch out the mole and the surrounding area. In most cases, any scar that remains should be barely visible.
    -Shave excision – If the mole is above the skin and is nonmalignant, the surgeon can shave it down to skin level. This leaves behind a smooth spot on the skin. There is no scarring, and it does not take long at all to recover from this very minor procedure.

Aftercare for Facial Mole Removal Procedures 

How long does it take to recover from mole removal surgery? It depends on the procedure that is used. A good rule of thumb is that for noninvasive procedures, recovery should be a matter of days. For invasive procedures with stitches, recover will take several weeks.

Either way, the procedure results in very little pain. At worst, you may feel a little sore and itchy in the area where the mole was removed. You will receive instructions to help you keep the area clean. You may also receive an ointment or cream to help speed up recovery and resist infection.

Mole Removal Surgery on Long Island

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